Will the School Need More Money After this Building is Built?

There are certainly renewal levies coming up in the next few years to continue funding the school district at the current level. It is important for everyone to remember that the money for a school building DOES NOT and CANNOT be used to fund operations (salaries, utilities, educational costs, etc). Those operational levies are separate.

I posed the question to Connie Baldwin, our district treasurer, but I don't know how specific she can be right now. She has been able to survive on the existing funds, in the black, since 2011, despite inflationary pressures. There are a lot of unknowns, given the property tax re-valuation, new business moving in, and the influx of new families (120+ homes build in the last year, if I remember correctly).

It is not at all a foregone conclusion that more money will be needed immediately after passing a building levy. The new building will be more efficient and not require the same level of repairs we pay for now. If anything, a new school building will help RLSD extend the length of time they can live with the current funds. 

One last point of caution...we cannot allow upcoming renewal operating levies to fail! Taking money away from the school is a sure-fire way to put us in a failing position.

Detailed Question

Will the school need more money after passing this levy and building a new school building?