This is the main web home of the Rootstown Citizens Levy Committee. We are an independent group of community members in the Rootstown School District. Our primary goal is to bring complete and accurate information to the community about the upcoming 2018 School Building Ballot Issue. 

Will the School Need More Money After this Building is Built?

There are certainly renewal levies coming up in the next few years to continue funding the school district at the current level. It is important for everyone to remember that the money for a school building DOES NOT and CANNOT be used to fund operations (salaries, utilities, educational costs, etc). Those operational levies are separate.

I posed the question to Connie Baldwin, our district treasurer, but I don't know how specific she can be right now. She has been able to survive on the existing funds, in the black, since 2011, despite inflationary pressures. There are a lot of unknowns, given the property tax re-valuation, new business moving in, and the influx of new families (120+ homes build in the last year, if I remember correctly).

It is not at all a foregone conclusion that more money will be needed immediately after passing a building levy. The new building will be more efficient and not require the same level of repairs we pay for now. If anything, a new school building will help RLSD extend the length of time they can live with the current funds. 

One last point of caution...we cannot allow upcoming renewal operating levies to fail! Taking money away from the school is a sure-fire way to put us in a failing position.

Detailed Question

Will the school need more money after passing this levy and building a new school building?

Effects of the Recent Portage Co Property Tax Revaluation

Lots of questions are circling on this one, but here's a great summary from school Treasurer Connie Baldwin to help explain how this affects you and the proposed school levy for a new building. Look for the print version in the upcoming issue of the Rootstown Communicator.

Current Technology in the School

Rootstown LSD currently has a variety of spaces and technology available for student usage. This ranges from Chromebook carts to designated computer labs in each building. There are iPads and Kindles sprinkled throughout classrooms as well. All core teachers in grades 6-12 have Smartboards and all K-5 teachers either have Smartboards and/or an iPad with a projector. All teachers K-12 have laptops. Additionally, all areas in all buildings have wifi capabilities. Over 180 devices will be added throughout the district for this coming 2018-2019 school year. Technology integration has been and will continue to be a focal area for our district as we continue to work towards becoming 1:1.

Online programs are utilized in all buildings.  iReady is used as a targeted intervention at both the elementary and middle schools for select groups of students. We'll continue using Accelerated Reader Software (K-5) via Renaissance Learning and STAR Reading and Math Enterprise for grades 2-8.  STAR Early Literacy is used in K-1 and with some 2nd graders. Fuel Ed is used at the high school predominantly, but has also been used at the middle school as well.

This past school year a grant was obtained to begin to create Blended Learning classes at the high school and focused heavily on technology integration. Our district has, of course, migrated over to the Google platform a few years back and all students grades 1-12 have accounts with varying capabilities depending on the grade level. Many teachers utilize Google Classroom as well as other aspects of Google - Gmail, Slides, Sheets, Docs, Sites, and Forms. Along with the focus on tech integration, many of our teachers currently use various sites and apps in the classroom and for assessment purposes. Some examples include, but are not limited to Flipgrid, EdPuzzle, Recap, Plickers, Seesaw, Edulastic and Quizlet.

Communication between home/community and school is integral. To meet the needs and convenience of our digital parents and community members, we try to utilize technology as much as possible. Teachers use various platforms to communicate such as Engrade, Bloomz, Class Dojo, and Remind to name a few. At the building and district level, we try to engage with students, parents, and the community through social media. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Detailed Question

What modern technology does Rootstown LSD use currently to enhance education?

February Community Survey

After the 2017 election, the school board solicited a community survey to help everyone understand what happened and why Issue 33 failed. 

Big findings?

1) The majority of seniors and retirees voted YES, stating that the School District Earned Income Tax (and the reduced property tax burden) was a major inflencer.

2) Citizens without kids in the school but still earning income did NOT like the School District Earned Income Tax.

3) Comments overwhelmingly showed support for improving the facilities in the district.